who we are

Signum is an independent creative international production partner. We team up with creatives, agencies, directors and brands. We produce advertising campaigns.

As creative executive producers, we guide the process from idea to final product in an open collaboration, within strict and high professional standards. See here some of our work.

Signum was founded by Sander Heeroma, the former managing partner of Caviar Amsterdam. Caviar is a worldwide production company for feature films, music videos and commercial creative content. See here some of Sanders former international work.

Sander is an optimistic and forward-thinking rainmaker with extensive creative network, international mindset and ‘can-do’ mentality. Decisive, creative and dedicated executive producer with an eye for detail who likes to make decisions quickly.


As independent creative executive producers, we support creators. They can be independent or agency based, either is fine.

Creators and Agencies we worked with recently



Lemon Scented Tea

Less Agency

TBWA Amsterdam

Part of a Bigger Plan


Joe Public Amsterdam


As independent creative executive producers we help brands who want to produce their own films. We have a great international network of independent creators and directors, and we bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the table.


From idea to budget and planning
You have a great idea. Now what?
From idea to budget, we allocate the budget optimally, find the best director and establish the best execution strategy.

You have an idea and a plan
You like a second opinion to see if it’s possible to reduce costs and get more out of your budget? Or maybe you’d liked to add an extra layer of creativity or form a stronger team? We can advise and help.

From spreadsheet to treatment
You’re ready for a team that’s dedicated to you
We find a director to develop a treatment in line with your goals. And guide them as they work. Or find a production company that fits within your budget. Or put together and manage a tailor-made team that’s dedicated to your production. Or all of these.

From treatment to output
It’s time to get your vision down
Your team goes to work, with us there to monitor and guide the whole process: on set and in post.

From output to report
Know exactly where every penny went
Brand owners and their partners in Purchasing love us, because we report in full, in detail. We’re totally transparent about what we’ve done and how we did it.

From report to invoice
How would you like your bill?
It’s up to you. Each team member can invoice you directly, or we can roll everything into one, clearly itemized bill. We’ll agree mutually fair terms and conditions before starting, and we’re always willing to customise them.


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